Sunday, November 24, 2013


Blogging can certainly be frustrating - I wish there was more to write, I don't really know how much of my day to day minutiae can reasonably be repackaged as relevant to international adoptions, and cat pics can take you only so far.  So I wait awhile until there's more to say.  I'm sure it's easier once children are actually in your home - finding content that is, not time to actually blog.

Here's what's up:

I have gone and left my employer of the last (almost) three years.

Not a lot of people I know are looking to make drastic career changes mid-stream, given the current economic climate.  What can I say, I love bucking the trends.

Context: I left a little corporate job with cubicles and boardrooms where there was nothing but a paycheque holding my interest.  I was pretty good at it, but it was never going to be anything more than a job.  All that changed earlier this month, when I gave my notice and started my career.  Not going to get into the details, but the environment is great, the people are amazing, and it feels like I was made for it.  Without bragging, everyday is fascinating, and I come home smiling about work, rather than leaving it - not saying there won't be bad days, but it's where I want to be.  Total change of pace, industry, everything.

More topically relevant, our homestudy is done!  Talk about anti-climactic!  We were notified it was done, that was it.  File is transferred to CFS, and now we keep waiting.  I need facebook to have a macro that just repeats your last update.  "We are waiting for XYZ for our adoption."  Repeat ad nauseum.  And it really is to the point of nausea.  I suppose this is one way of making sure that we're really serious, but seriously!

Waiting, waiting, waiting.