Note - this timeline will chronicle not just direct adoption events, but related and corollary events as well.

Text in red indicates money paid towards our total cost.  Green indicates money or materials received above our normal salaries.  We anticipate costs up to $40,000 including travel.

August 2012 - Serious research about international adoptions begins.  We look at Russia, Ukraine, USA, Ethiopia.

17th December 2012 - Attend an adoption information night at the local office of Adoption Options.  Here we learn about the option of the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Research on the DRC begins.

11th January 2013 - Applied for adoption through Manitoba Child and Family Services.

15th January 2013 - Our adoption library begins - first book arrives from Amazon.

16th January 2013 - Day long information seminar with CFS.  Free muffins and coffee offsets some of our costs.

1st February 2013 - Notarize proof of identity, citizenship for CIC in order to apply for citizenship of our adopted children.
-Some sanity

8th February 2013 - Sent off Part 'A' CIC application.  In another wonder of bureaucracy, it will take the government 20 weeks to confirm that I am in fact, a citizen of Canada.

13th February 2013 - Received letter from CFS confirming receipt of our Division 3 (international) application to adopt.  A further call to CFS confirmed that we were scheduled for the upcoming education seminar, which will be two full days and two evenings.

22nd February 2013 - After a disturbing conversation with our CFS social worker, we've decided to switch our file to Adoption Options.  Meeting next week.

27th February 2013 - Met with AO to open a file.
+Some sanity

7th March 2013 - Submitted application to A Love Beyond Borders

14th March 2013 - Received Part 1 of CIC citizenship confirmation and notice of parent's citizenship for two children.

3rd April 2013- Noticed on a few other Canadian DRC blogs that DRC programs were being advised by provincial CFS to not accept any more applications

15th April 2013 - LBB contacts us to say that they cannot proceed, mail back our application fee.  We are officially in mourning.  Proactively mourning.

13th May 2013 - First homestudy meeting with AO.

3rd June 2013 - Second homestudy meeting with AO; detailed personal interviews.

16th April 2013 - Research of other options begins.

16th June 2013 - Apply to Uganda program with another US agency.


  1. I'm glad you were able to find another program and agency! Do you mind sharing which agency you are working with?

  2. I am so glad that you didn't give up! I look forward to reading more as you move through the process.

    I am also in the process of adopting, and just this week I started my own blog, Children Deserve Families.