Sunday, March 3, 2013

New Directions

I added a few features - Sean & Yuliya 'till Now are brief bios of our past lives.  Timeline updated as well, and I'm going to migrate some of the facebook notes over into a new page as well.


So good news for us comes with good weather.  Things are starting to melt and we got a definitive timeline on our homestudy with Adoption Options.

The meeting with them was great, easy in part because we had done our homework, and in part because the lady we dealt with was just plain nice, and very knowledgeable.  We chatted about adoption books, and she asked for our reading list to see if their library was missing anything.  While we would prefer things to move along a bit quicker, they explained that someone was just coming back from mat leave, getting caught up, etc. Our information session will be half a day sometime in June, rather than two full days and then two evenings as well.  Another half day will be a conversation about what we've learned regarding attachment issues.  We don't anticipate problems with this.  Of course, we're kicking ourselves for not going with AO back in December, but lesson learned, moving on.

Also, they had a notary in the office and offered to notarize our LBB application for free!  In hindsight, the story may have been worth the trouble.


Our home is changing, slowly but surely.  When we moved in three years ago, everything we owned (including the our car) would have fit in the living room.  The house is 1400 sqft and over a hundred years old, but is young at heart.  The back fence however was showing it's age.  It swayed in the wind, and we had visions of it falling into someone, or onto someone's vehicle in the back lane.  Those visions included insurance settlements, so one day Yuliya wound up and gave the fence a mighty whack with a wrench, and down it went.  We built a new fence, new deck, replaced a shower surround, and are renovating a room for Yuliya's mother.

Did I neglect to mention that so far?  This April, we are flying Yuliya's mom in from Ukraine to come and live with us on a ten year visa.  We thought that two children who didn't speak a word of english, running around the house shouting in lingala, swahili, or french would not be that challenging, so we're adding an adult to the mix who also doesn't speak a word of english, and hasn't lived with another living soul since here dear cat departed this world, and before that since Yuliya left Ukraine.  She trained as a chemical engineer, working in her field at a research institute.  In 1991 Ukraine became glorious and free, and she made a career change to selling flipflops in the local market.

If you're ever in the same situation, it always helps to buy tickets with airlines who aren't going bankrupt.  We were not lucky.  So far, my mother in law has taken zero flights, and we have bought her three plane tickets.  Mark my words, if LOT airlines goes down between now and April 12th, I am going to post angrily and shell out for another flight.  Maybe even write an email.  That's about all the drama that I've got in me. 


On the topic of languages, it's going to be interesting.  I'm hoping our kids speak some french, because my high school french is serviceable with some brushing up, though it is a vastly different kind than what is spoken in the DRC, or France for that matter.  A French college friend described Canadian french as being "archaic and provincial".

Yuliya's mother speaks only Russian and Ukrainian, and Yuliya speaks the same and perfect, flawless english.  So...language barriers.  We'll figure it out, or die horribly in the attempt.


After reading a little of Millions of Miles, I decided that this was one of my new favorite blogs, rights beside The Lyons Den .


In personal news, I turned thirty in January.  I have mixed feelings about this.  To start off with, I am married to the absolute, bar-none, most patient and forgiving woman in the world.  See Sean 'till Now.  In terms of careers and education, I'm not where I'd like to be, or planned to be at three-zero.  That doesn't both me too much though, because there is simply too much to life for me to concern myself with how to go back in time and change the things I wish I had done differently, while keeping all the things I like.  This is the one I've got, full stop, period.

Yuliya was her usual amazing self, and threw me a surprise party.  My friends got me a great single-malt scotch, which gave me an excuse to finish the scotch which I already had at home.  I think it was all part of the plan for them.  A good time was had by all.  For me, a wild party is drinks and a debate of alternate history or fringe theology.  Philosophy and politics are acceptable drinking topics as well.



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